Straight Isolation Tweezer

Straight Isolation Tweezer


SNATCH A SET OF THE LIMITED EDITION COPPER ROSE COLLECTION WHILE YOU CAN! I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this fresh new look… Happy Valentine’s Day!

The slim and slanted style of these tweezer's tips provide you with ease in your isolation work. The sharp thin feet allow you to split through the lash line effortlessly! They are 5.5 inches long, allowing you to pierce through the lash line without having your hands super close to the eye, which can block some artist’s view. Once I began working with these tweezers, I fell in love!

The Matte Blacks now come with high sheen silver tips, for a really stunning look.

Matte Whites and Liquid Blacks are now also a part of the Straight Isolation Collection!

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  • 45 Degree Angle Tips

  • 6mm Tip

  • 14cm Length

  • Non Rustable

  • 100% Stainless Steel