Scotch Restickable Dots for Fanning

Scotch Restickable Dots for Fanning


If you're a "fan on the dot" artist, you're probably as obsessed with these as your fan making platform as I am. If you haven't tried them, be prepared for your lash life to change forever! They're more sticky than lash strips and also give a great bounce when pushing your extensions into it. Which can have your fan popping open really well for you! And now you don't have to write them on your list of things to get at the store! For all of my international customers, I know it's been a struggle for you guy's to get your hands on these, so I'm super excited to share them with you!

Wanna know exactly how I cut my fan-creating time down to a fraction of what it was before I used these? Check out my lash training page and lets get you making your dream fans super quickly!


Helpful Tips! Some artists cut the dots into smaller pieces to place onto their tile or even leave the plastic cover over most of it while they work with one area of it exposed. (As seen in the photo) This will prevent you from ruining the whole thing by making it less sticky with your hand sometimes touching it or even causing a mess of it with stray lashes. Once you see an area you've been working on, or the small piece you cut, isn't as workable and sticky anymore, move the plastic cover elsewhere on the dot or grab a fresh cut piece. 

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18 Sticky Dots per pack

Bouncy for fan pushing and popping open

Stickier than your lash strips, but not sticky enough to string up with your fan as you pull it off