Luxury Volume Tweezer

Luxury Volume Tweezer


The Limited Edition Copper Rose Collection, launched for Valentine’s Day, sold out in a couple hours! They will make another appearance in the future! All the remaining styles are being rigorously hand tested and will release very soon!!

The Matte Blacks now have High Shine tips and the Silvers are now completely High Shine, so dope, you’ll love the new look!

I’ve also officially introduced the Matte Whites and the Liquid Blacks into the collection, because who doesn’t love a stunning set of tools in your work space?!

About the goods: I have rigorously hand tested each of these boot style tweezers to ensure they have a seamless closure, so that even the thinnest of extensions will not slip through the closed feet. You will even find the fan I created with them in the cap, between the tweezer's feet, to prove it. It's so crucial that our Volume Tools work perfectly during the precision work that we do. I know the feeling as a Lash Artist, of purchasing a tool and receiving something that is subpar. It affects your work, your speed and for me, the mood I was giving off in my studio. You know how frustrating Volume is when your tools are hindering your craft rather than enhancing it. So, I work my ass off to make sure you will love these tweezers, cause it’s THAT important and THAT important to me.

These tweezers have become highly acclaimed within our industry and I appreciate the positive feedback I receive so much! Whether this is your first pair or you're stocking up again, enjoy fanning made WAY EASIER! 

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I literally hand test every single Volume Tweezer to ensure it has a seamless closure for your fan making needs. I give you the fan I created with the tweezer, inside the cap, to prove it's been tested and approved for quality!