Clearly Luxe Adhesive

Clearly Luxe Adhesive


Clearly Luxe is 10g of crystal clear adhesive dreams! It is extremely workable in any condition with the right use of the product. I love and use this adhesive in my studio at a humidity level of 16% and 72-75 degrees. I have had lash artists from around the U.S. and Canada test this formula in their various ranges of humidity from 20-50% and have received rave reviews! 

This adhesive is only two ingredients which makes for a more concentrated liquid that provides a faster dry time of 1-2 seconds. Not only is it more concentrated than black adhesives, this is made without Carbon Black, which is what sensitivities commonly arise from. Think of this as a more clean adhesive, just like we look for with food. Less ingredients=better product!

The viscosity of this adhesive creates a very clean and seamless application. You will love the workability and performance of this product. After all, #CLEARisthenewblack! 


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How to get the most out of ANY adhesive:

With any adhesive, we have to understand that it is up to us to adjust to our environment in order to get the optimal performance out of our product. Our adhesive cures in the presence of hydrogen. Therefor, if the humidity levels around your work space are higher, your adhesive will cure more quickly. Lower, meaning less hydrogen in the air, the slower the cure or dry time of your adhesive. I have created a product with Clearly Luxe that will work efficiently in the lowest of humidity levels, however, we have to remember what we're working with and how it prefers to work best. So, if your adhesive, any adhesive, is ever drying too slowly on you, try to bringing your humidity level up with a humidifier, but also try using less adhesive. Work with it so that it works for you. If your adhesive is drying too quickly for your liking, try a dehumidifier and/or using more. You will lift so much stress off of yourself if you know how to adjust and understand that it's okay if you need to. That is what makes us truly skilled in our craft. It's not our products, it's us and how we are capable of using them or not. You got this!!

Let's talk shaking of our adhesives. Why is this important? Your adhesive is a formula, one in which was created in order to provide you with the best performance of the product. It is not just one ingredient that does the trick. With Clearly Luxe it is two, others have more. They work TOGETHER to perform the way you need them to. So when your adhesive has not been shaken, the ingredients remain SEPARATED. Shake your adhesive for one minute to ensure you have combined your ingredients thoroughly and that the viscosity can be thick and perfectly workable for you. WITH ANY ADHESIVE. I highly recommend an adhesive shaker like the mini-vortex mixer on Amazon in order to really get that adhesive in it's best condition. It'll be a game changer for your business. And wrists! You need to see that round dome of adhesive form on micropore tape after dispensing, as opposed to a puddle, in order for your adhesive to perform it's best. Once the bead is not as fresh, get a new one!

You can store your closed, unopened adhesive in the fridge before use, but then once opened, you will want to write the date on the bottle and discard after 5 weeks in order to ensure you're not using a product that is not its most effective. A properly working adhesive means great retention for your lash sets and therefore client retention, which equals income!

Store your bottle in a cooler, more dry place and once you receive your tracking number, keep an eye on it! You don't want your adhesive sitting out on a warm porch or inside of the mailbox for too long!

Hope these tips have been helpful for you guys and I look forward to hearing what you think about Clearly Luxe. I'm a lash artist myself and truly want you all to be your most happy and successful selves within your businesses!