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J Brand Beauty

Advocate Artists

The J Brand Beauty Advocate Artist program is something I have had in my heart and mind for a long time. Now that I have a supply brand, its time to implement the movement.

I am a Lash Artist, just like you. I have been on my own and been with a lash company. I know firsthand the pride and satisfaction that comes with being your own boss. That's why we got into this industry in the first place, right? To cultivate your own brand and navigate freely throughout your business, without limits, restrictions, or requirements. Which would then allow you to customize your personal life as well. Why should anything or any one take away from that? That is something you have earned and should feel empowered by.

I standby and love my products. I use them in my studio and have only decided to sell the things I think are of the highest quality. Products that truly simplify your efforts of creating luxury results and experiences. However, I am not the only one selling amazing lash supplies. It would be unrealistic to think anyone would ONLY be using J Brand Beauty when there are other lash brands with so much to offer. I support the idea of supporting everyone and sharing your insight on great products you actually use within your business. Not just highlighting the ones you are supposed to and keeping the others under wraps. As an influencer, I believe it's important to be authentic to your audience about who you really are and what you really use. Because of this theory, J Brand Advocate Artists will be NON EXCLUSIVE to J Brand Beauty.

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The Program

The program will be a group of Industry Influencers. Bad ass Lash artists with a ton of talent, inspiration and passion for our craft. Business women who have cultivated their own unique brand and are sharing their story actively through their beautifully designed Instagram layouts. These are Lash Boss' you can look to for inspo, helpful tips and tricks, and insight into the products they're loving and using, including, but not limited to J Brand Beauty.

So what makes someone Advocate material? Being an Advocate means you're an influencer in our industry. You have a higher following, who are engaged with your posts and gain a lot from following you. Your Instagram is designed with intention and always on brand pertaining to your own style. Your work is always evolving and making others want to challenge themselves to advance their own skillset. These are things that have transformed me and my brand through the people I have always looked up to and admired, so I know the value in these qualities. Through you, our industry will elevate and constantly be producing amazing Lash Artists.

The benefits and relationship of being a J Brand Beauty Advocate are that we will be mutually supportive and promotional of each other. No strict guidelines of how many posts you must make a month or anything like that, simply just discounts on my products for the posts you do decide to make, out of the genuine love you have for the item. All with the intention of helping other's find supplies that will be great for them as well. I will promote you as one of the Artists who is an inspiration for me personally as a Lash Artist myself, on my Instagram and my website. I will send you products to test and we will learn and grow from each other organically.

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Building your Artistry

Thinking you don't have what it takes quite yet? That's okay! Things like this are what give us the inspiration and motivation to advance and evolve. I'm ALL about that! So, I thought I would give you some helpful tips to develop yourself as an artist and brand, and maybe someday even join the Advocates.

Firstly, I can't stress enough the importance of continuing your education and expanding your knowledge and skillset. Try to take at least one training a year. And the same theory applies here as well, that there are so many exceptional Educators and training courses out there, so I'm not just speaking on behalf of my own. Keep learning and growing as an Artist. Things are always changing and everyone has their own unique insight and style. Find someone you admire, and go soak in their knowledge.

In between trainings, you should be analyzing your own work, as well as the work of those you admire and want to emulate. Ask yourself what they're doing to achieve these results and compare it to your own. I am all for being "hard" on yourself. It's equally as important to be kind to yourself, but I believe being critical of your own work will only keep you accountable and your intentions in the forefront. Take photos of every client's results and go over them. Where could you have done better, how will you achieve better next time and make notes of things you want to do differently for them at their next experience with you. Your clients will appreciate this extra thought and care put into their service, but it will also start to build a better Artist in you.

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Be Your Own Brand

Cultivate your brand. Think thoughtfully about what you want to achieve in the way people feel when they think of you, when they see your work and even when they have a service performed by you. What is it that makes you unique? What do you have to offer and what makes your service experience special? What's your style and overall vibe? What are the colors, textures and fonts you love? Think about these things, write them down, create Pinterest boards and begin designing your brand. 

Is your Instagram feed interesting and something that you makes your target market feel the way you want them to feel in relation to your brand? Is it visually appealing and making others anticipate seeing more? If not, research Instagram layouts. Come up with a design that you want to stick to for your feed. Maybe you will do a lash pic, then a product post, then an inspo quote and then repeat? Maybe your brand colors will be more prominent and you'll post a lash pic, then a color scheme post, then a lash pic, then another brand color again. Are you editing your work photos to be more eye focused and flawless in general? If not, you need to learn to do so. Post your best work, after all, your social media is your portfolio, not a play by play of your schedule. If you were a high fashion designer, your Instagram feed should be like your collection on the runway. It reflects what you're capable of and who you are as an Artist. Not your everyday work, essentially your Ready to Wear apparel.

 Whatever you decide to do, be intentional. DESIGN, CREATE and BE. ON. BRAND. 

To apply, please fill out the Contact Form on the Contact page. Tell me about yourself, why you're interested and your Instagram handle. Looking forward to connecting with you!