What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions are made of a synthetic material that imitates the look a natural eyelash. They come in various curls, lengths and diameters of thickness. This allows your artist to customize a look that's best for the integrity of your natural lashes, as well as the look you desire. Jess Brandler uses only the highest quality of products from top lash extension company, SugarlashPRO. Each extension, whether it be a single Classic extension or a handmade fan for Volume lashes, is applied in an isolated manner. This means that no two natural lashes will be stuck together. Lash extensions done with proper education will be no more than 2-3 millimeters longer than your own eyelashes. If the desired look is one that is longer than that, the weight of the extensions will need to be lessened, meaning a finer diameter will be applied. Extensions are adhered away from the skin of your lash line to provide ultimate comfort and with the health your eye and natural lashes as #1 priority. You will not feel your extensions done by Jess and you will wake up pretty and done everyday, all day, with no effort or make up needed!

What will my appointment be like?

Lash extensions appointments will vary in length depending on what style you chose. You will start with a quick consultation to discuss any specific concerns or questions you may have, as well as the look you can't wait to get! Your service will be done on a super cozy massage table made up like a bed for your ultimate comfort! You will arrive with no eye make up and no trace of mascara or eyeliner, in order to ensure the most secure bond of your extensions to your natural lashes. Additionally your eyes will be washed with a gentle cleanser to eliminate any risk of natural oils or debris that will compromise the bond. This process is very soothing and will set you up perfectly for your relaxing service. Collagen boosting gel pads will be placed over your lower lashes to keep them out of the way, to protect your skin from the tweezers that will apply the extensions and to hydrate your under eye area. You will then close your eyes and remain closed for the duration of the appointment. Music and beautiful aroma will help you to wind down and hopefully sleep through the process. Headphones may also be used if audio books, podcasts or your own personal playlist is enjoyed. Talking during the service will not only result in rapid eye movement which will make the process much more difficult and therefore lessen the result, but it can also significantly slow down your artist. Please be mindful of that and accept this as a time to relax and enjoy some well deserved YOU time! Caffeine is also to be avoided before your service to eliminate the risk of fluttery eyes and excessive energy. After your service, you will be walked through the simple aftercare and maintenance of your new look! Keep in mind your full set initial appointment will be the longest, as your fills for upkeep will be much shorter. This is literally the best beauty sleep ever!

How do I care for my eyelash extensions?

After care of your new lashes is pretty simple. Keep them clean and brushed, just like your hair! Oil breaks down the adhesive over time, so not only will you avoid oil products on your extensions, but you have natural oils that come from your lash follicle and on the skin around them daily. This is why you'll need to keep them washed every day with a lash cleanser, just a simple step you'll do when washing your face or in the shower. You will brush your lashes with the mascara wand provided at your service whenever you'd like, but especially after you've washed and patted them dry. Just like your hair, when its washed and brushed, it's fluffy and clean! Your extensions are synthetic so you'll want to avoid close heat and denting them, as once they are damaged they will remain that way and need to be removed. 

What are the different techniques?

Jess is highly trained and experienced in all forms of lash extensions which is how she achieves incredible results and healthy natural lashes. They each require extreme precision and skill, as it is a very intricate process. Here are the explanations of the three types of extension methods.

Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are bolder, single extensions applied one to one, so each one of your natural lashes will receive one Classic extension. It is said that most people have anywhere from 90-120 lashes per eye. This means with Classic you will receive just as many extensions as you have natural lashes. If you have 90 naturals, you will have 90 extensions. 120, you will have 120. Something you will want to consider when deciding on the look you'd like to achieve. They range from .10 to .18 in diameter, and are chosen for you depending on the thickness of your own natural lash, meaning the amount of additional weight yours can handle, as well as the look that is desired. They come in various curls and lengths as well, in order to be completely customized. This technique will result in a natural look, one similar to normal eyelashes, only perfect! Curled, lifted, longer and black!

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are handmade fans made up of ultra fine extensions. The weight of each extension within a fan ranges from .03-.07 in diameter. Therefore, one Volume fan made up of multiple finer extensions can weigh the same, if not less, than one single Classic extension. This technique was developed in Russia, which is why it is referred to as Russian Volume. In order to skillfully execute the creation of a Volume Fan with the tweezer, it takes much dedication, practice and continued education. Just the same as Classic extensions, Volume extensions come in various curls, lengths and diameters. Each fan will be created according to each one of your natural lashes, what is best for their integrity, as well as the desired outcome. Classic lashes are round, placed atop of your round natural lash, which doesn't provide as much of a connection point as a Volume fan, which will wrap around your natural lash since there are multiple extensions within them. Imagine that there are extensions completely encompassing your natural lash for the strongest hold, whereas Classic is just sitting on top. This is why Volume should last longer than Classic. Volume can be made with anywhere from 2-7 extensions per fan. This is why they can provide the ultimate density as their width results in full coverage of your lash line, regardless of how sparse you may be naturally. They can also be made to look very soft and whispy, without so much fullness. It depends on your style and how many lashes you have naturally. Either way, Volume extensions offer the utmost fluffiness!

Mixed Lashes

Mixed lashes are just that, a mix of Classic extensions and Volume fans in one set. This provides the fullness and fluffy look of the Volume fans and the thicker boldness of each Classic lash. 

What is a Lash Lift?

Jess uses the CurlPerfect Lash Lift kit from SugarlashPRO. This is a series of cream based solutions used to provide the most beautiful, safe and effective eyelash perm. Your lashes will be lifted and curled for 6-8 weeks, meaning no mascara or lash curlers needed! You can also add on a Lash Tint to the service for extra bold darkness. Lash Lifts take about an hour and are very relaxing. A collagen boosting gel pad will be placed over your lower lashes to keep them out of the way and protect your under eye area. Depending on your desired look, as well as the length of your lashes, one of three shields will be gently adhered to your eyelid. Small, Medium or Large. This is what your lashes will be molded around to create the perfect lift and curl. This is a 3 step process, 4 if including a tint, in which you will have the solution applied, left on to set and removed before moving onto the next. Most people fall asleep during this service and will wake up to open looking eyes and perfect lashes everyday, with no effort needed!

What are Fills?

Everyone loses 2-5 eyelash naturally every day due their shed cycle. Just like any other hair on your body, your lashes go through three stages of growth before they shed out and a new lash takes its place. The goal is to always keep your extensions full, with 100% coverage of your natural lashes like you were after your initial Full Set appointment. After losing 2-5 of your own lashes a day with an extension attached, your set will be at a point where you need a fill at about 2-3 weeks time. Time frames for fills depend on the type of extensions you've chosen, but they are much shorter than your first application. If you go longer than the 3 week mark, you'll need an extended fill time in order to get back to 100% coverage. At the time of your fill, anything can be changed or switched up. Whether you want to adjust the length, curl or even the technique used. During your fill, your new grown in lashes with receive an extension and the ones at the end of their cycle will be so grown out that they'll need to be gently removed and replaced. Similar to when you need a fill on acrylic nails. This will keep your set looking neat, even and full.